Types of Massage Chair Technology

It is important to discover where our relaxation lies as sometimes even a trip to the spa might not be feasible; massage chairs have introduced the opportunity to relish the advantages of a personalized massage experience within the confines of your home. Given the wide range of possibilities available, each catered to unique goals and inclinations, it is vital to comprehend the different array of massage chairs to decide which one best meets your demands. In this article we are going to examine some factors through which the massage chairs are being classified and also we will explore some of the best massage chairs for you.

Factors for Classifying Massage Chairs

It’s critical to comprehend the distinguishing characteristics of massage chairs to choose one with confidence. Here are some significant factors for classifying massage chairs:

Massage Techniques and Programs:

  • Shiatsu: This technique involves applying pressure to specific points on the body to relieve tension and promote relaxation.
  • Kneading: The massage rollers simulate the hands’ kneading motions to alleviate muscle knots and improve circulation.
  • Rolling: The rollers move up and down the back in a rolling motion, imitating the hands’ movements for a soothing massage.
  • Tapping: Quick tapping or tapping-and-rolling motions stimulate muscles and enhance blood flow.
  • Percussion: Rapid tapping or pounding motions help invigorate muscles and alleviate discomfort.
  • Compression: Airbags compress and release various body parts, like arms and legs, to reduce muscle tension.
  • Stretching: Some chairs incorporate stretching movements to improve flexibility and release muscle tightness.

Massage Areas:

  • Full Body: These chairs provide massage coverage from head to toe, offering comprehensive relaxation.
  • Upper Body: Focuses on the neck, shoulders, and upper back.

Massage Chair Design:

  • SL Track and L Track: Refers to the shape of the massage roller track. SL tracks follow an S-shaped curve from the neck to the lower back, while L tracks extend the massage down to the glutens and hamstrings.
  • Ottoman Design: Some chairs include a separate ottoman with foot and calf massagers, enhancing overall comfort.
  • Space-Saving: Chairs designed with space-saving features can recline even when placed close to a wall.

Massage Chair Features:

  • Heat Therapy: Built-in heating elements provide soothing warmth to muscles, enhancing blood circulation and relaxation.
  • Airbag Massage: Airbags inflate and deflate to compress and release muscles, providing a gentle yet effective massage experience.
  • Foot Rollers: Target the soles of the feet to alleviate tension and improve circulation.
  • Adjustable Intensity and Speed: Customize the massage experience by adjusting the intensity and speed of the massage techniques.
  • Auto Programs: Pre-set massage programs offer a variety of massage techniques and sequences tailored for specific needs, such as relaxation or pain relief.

User Customization:

  • Manual Controls: Allows users to manually adjust the position and intensity of massage rollers and airbags.
  • Memory Function: Saves personalized settings for quick access to preferred massage routines.

Additional Features:

  • Bluetooth Speakers: Built-in speakers allow you to listen to music or guided relaxation while enjoying a massage.
  • USB Charging Ports: Some chairs have USB ports for charging devices during your massage.
  • Remote Control: User-friendly remote controls make it easy to customize your massage experience.

Best massage chairs for you:

Human Touch WholeBody 7.1 Living Room Recliner Massage Chair

The Human Touch Whole Body 7.1 is a masterpiece designed to provide a full-body therapy experience. This massage chair has a BodyMap PRO feature that lets you target pain and tension in particular regions by selecting them. With five selectable auto-massage programs, including Full, Upper, Lower, Relax, and Sleep modes, this chair ensures a customized massage tailored to your needs.

The CIRQLATION TECHNOLOGY, supported by Figure-Eight technology, is one of its distinctive qualities. A therapeutic massage is provided by the chair’s seamless orbital massagers with FlexGlide technology, which eliminates the pain frequently associated with conventional massage chairs.

The state-of-the-art design of the Human Touch WholeBody 7.1 includes a swivel base that rotates up to 55 degrees, an ottoman that acts as a foot and calf massager, and sofhyde material cushions that provide both comfort and support.

FZZDP 3D Double SL-Track Electric Full Body Zero Massage Chair with Heat Roller

The FZZDP 3D Double SL-Track Massage Chair is a fusion of style and luxury. Its advanced double 3D robot hands simulate the motions of real hands, providing a lifelike massage experience. The 55″ super long SL track, along with six silicone massage balls, allows for comprehensive coverage from shoulders to thighs, catering to the contours of your body.

With eight auto massage modes and four manual massage techniques, this chair offers a range of options that can be easily adjusted using armrest shortcut knobs. It is a true luxury because to the zero-gravity modes and flexible massage features including airbag massage, back warming, and foot roller.

GPPZM Full Body Zero Massage Chair Recliner with SL Track Heat

The GPPZM Full Body Zero Massage Chair Recliner is a dream come true for those seeking elevated comfort. It boasts the latest zero system with three levels of angles for a weightless position, alleviating spinal pressure. Dual electric linear actuators provide independent leg and back position adjustment, while the auto body scanner customizes the massage chair to your body shape and height.

With 12 automatic massage programs, six massage techniques, 32 airbags, back heater, foot rollers, and yoga stretching function, this chair offers exceptional diversity. The TFT screen remote control and armrest shortcut keys ensure ease of operation, and thoughtful features like USB charging ports and removable PU leather headrest enhance the overall experience.


Massage chairs have completely changed the way we unwind because to their capacity to deliver individualised massages that cater to requirements and preferences. From the advanced technology of the Human Touch Whole-body 7.1 and FZZDP 3D Double SL-Track Massage Chair to the diverse features of the GPPZM Full Body Zero Massage Chair Recliner and the practicality of the RIYIFER Massage Chair Cover, there’s a massage chair to suit every lifestyle. Enjoy the height of relaxation without ever leaving your house and benefit from lower stress levels, better circulation, and general wellbeing.

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